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At the of 19th - 20th Centuries, therapists became interested in investigation of the light and studied it to see if there is a link between the color effects and the illness of their patients. At this same time, psychologists were discovering emotional meaning of colors. The use of light in modern medicine began in the late 1870's when scientists discovered that sunlight killed bacteria.

The modern idea of color therapy as a healing influence is based on the prescribed use of light and color to effect positive changes in the psychological or physical functioning of individuals. Researchers are discovered the power of light in preventive and therapeutic medicine. Today the color and light therapy is one of the fastest growing areas of complementary health. There are numerous ways to heal and balance with color by way concentrating on a particular healing color. Humans need light of specific intensity and color range to regulate their biological states. The different light affect and control human being and biological processes in the natural. Color or colour therapy light has a profound effect on us on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Color Therapy aims to help human being to stimulate diverse healing process. Unlike traditional medicine that envisions use of medications with potent side effects, color therapy is based on noninvasive power of a wide variety of colorís healing effects. Color therapy or colour light therapy or phototherapy is a powerful self-healing tool that can be used at home.

The basis of Color Therapy is knowledge about using rainbow and natural colors and harmonious colors and color combinations for healing. Our need for a particular colors differ from day to day. Each individual has own "minimum daily requirement" for particular light frequencies, or colors. Everyone need in the suitable colors, in the moment, in order to improve and balance its physical and emotional state. Without it, our life becomes disrupted.

Our body cannot function properly. It can lead to a variety of problems on physical, mental and emotional levels. A lack of light can lead to a variety of brain - body imbalances, stress symptoms, hyperactivity, illness, depression, fatigue, mental inefficiency, hypophoria, hypertropia, sensory integration, esophoria, esotropia, avoidance of reading, vergence, diplopia etc

Light affects the brain and the body through the eyes. Our eyes charge and energize our brain and nervous system. Light enables us to nourish our skin. The light coming in through the eyes could augment the function of the nervous system and the endocrine system and put the body into balance. Each body is looking for ways to maintain or restore a balanced state. You will find yourself drawn to one color more than to others. Suitable color for you is that you need, at this moment. When human being absorb light, various color energies to arrive to brain and parts of the body that needs it.

Color therapy and art therapy has been applied with great success for thousands of years for the treatment of various mental, emotional and physical disorders. These therapies are branches of the Jewish Energy Medicine. Jewish clinic offers unique online services for color therapy and art therapy based on Bible videos.

Biblical video on YouTube

Most people are inclined to think that the Bible has hidden potentialities. And also, the Bible is healer and spiritual and emotional source. Jewish clinic has designed Bible videos for various treatment practices.

Create your own videos for health to share with friends, family and All World.

VISN software

VISN software

Biblical optical illusion images and visual effects for your health.

VISN software

VISN software

Wezit video technology and software lets you to turn TV programs, art and photo albums, Internet radio, music, audio.. into videos for eye exercises and brain trainings and to use these videos in Daily Life.

Get started with 3D video player and 6 videos for eye exercises and brain trainings.

3D video player is designed to watch videos for eye exercises and brain trainings and listen audio files, online radio and audio books.
This player provides a better looking, easy interface to watch Wezit videos on your Windows PC. Cost: $19.99. Delivery via email. Find more about 3D video player

Get started with 3D multimedia player and 8 videos for eye exercises and brain trainings.

3D multimedia player is designed to make and watch videos for eye exercises and brain trainings. This player provides unique opportunity to produce 3D video content for eye exercises and brain trainings by means of the optical illusion images and visual effects and user's images, audio files, books etc
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Wezit research group have developed more than a thousand optical illusion images and visual effects using therapeutic vibrating colors and a great collections of personalized color prescription for visual stimulation of the brain and color therapy.

By using Wezit optical illusions, visual effects and color prescriptions to make fantastic 3D vidios for eye exercises and brain trainings to share with friends, family and the world.

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